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Psu series


The PSU-Series is a single output programmable switching DC power supply covering a power range up to 1520W. This Series of products include five models with the combination from 6V to 60V rated voltages. As th ePSU-series can be connected in series for maximum 2 units or in parallel for maximum 4 units, capacity of connecting multiple PSU-Series units for higher voltage or higher current output provides a broad coverage of applications

  • Voltage Rating:6V/12.5V/20V/40V/60V
  •  Output Power Rating: 1200W~1520W
  •  C.V / C.C Priority ; Particularly Suitable for the Batterey & LED
  •  industry
  •  Adjustable Slew Rate
  •  Series and Parallel operation (2 Units in Series or 4 units in
  •  High Efficiency and High Power Density
  •  19 Inch Rack Mount Size Design
  •  Standard Interface: LAN, RS-232 & RS-485, USB(Device / Host), Analog
  •  Control Interface
  •  Optional Interface: GPIB, Analog Control Interface(Isolated Voltage
  •  Control), Analog Control Interface(Isolated Current Control)