Leakage Current Testers

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  • ouch Panel with Color LCD Display
  •  9 Different Measurement Network to Simulate the Resistance of Human Body
  •  8 Different Types of Leakage current for Medical & General Electrical Equipment
  •  Various Leakage Current Measuring Mode:DC/AC/AC+DC/AC Peak
  •  Upper & Lower Limitation for PASS/FAIL Judgment
  •  Meter Mode with SELV/CONV Function
  •  50 Preset Test Conditions Conform to IEC 60990; 30 Sets Memories for Customer Defined
  •  Various Standard Interfaces:RS232/GPIB/USB Host & Device/EXT I/O
General Display 320 x 240 Color TFT LCD
Operation Touch panel
Measurement Device 9 kinds
DC Ranges 50uA/500uA/5mA/25mA
Resolution 0.01uA/0.1uA/1uA/10uA
Accuracy ±1.0% fs/±(0.2% rdg+3dgt)
AC/AC+DC Ranges 50uA/500uA/5mA/25mA
Resolution 0.01uA/0.1uA/1uA/10uA
Accuracy ±2.0% fs/±(2.0% rdg+6dgt) — 10Hz<f≦100kHz
±2.0% fs/±(2.0% rdg+10dgt) — 100kHz<f≦1MHz
AC peak Ranges 500uA/1mA/10mA/75mA
Resolution 0.1uA/1uA/10uA/100uA
Accuracy ±4.0%fs/±2.5%fs/±(2.0% rdg+6dgt)
— 20Hz<f≦1kHz
±5.0%fs/±5.0%fs/±(5.0% rdg+10dgt)
— 1kHz<f≦10kHz
Meter Mode AC/DC/AC+DC 10.0~300.0V
AC peak 15.0~430.0V
SELV function Available
EUT (V/I Check) Voltage range 85V ~ 300V
Current range 0.5A ~ 10A
Memory Empty sets 30 sets
Preset sets 50 sets (conform to IEC 60990)
Interfaces Front panel USB host
Rear panel RS-232C/GPIB/EXT I/O/USB device
Power Source For GLC-9000 AC 100V/120V/220V/230V±10%,50/60Hz
For EUT AC 85V~250V,50/60Hz
Dimensions 330 (W) x 150 (H) x 350 (D) mm
Weight Approx. 5kg